Project Cars 2 – Launching Campaign

Bandai Namco Entertainment


In order to expand the consumers of its main racing game and make it stronger with its loyal audience, Bandai Namco came to GMD to create a launching campaign that could show that Project Cars 2 has accessible gameplay while maintaining the already known reality of its tracks.


We created a cross marketing action in which we took the whole game experience to one of the main racing categories in Brazil.

We brought together one of the country’s biggest game influencers and a leading Stock Car driver to race side-by-side in each of their own universes – a real Stock Car racetrack and Project Cars 2 digital tracks – and to talk about their experiences.

These high-speed moments resulted in a video campaign that received positive feedback from the influencer’s and the driver’s fans as well as from the racing game audience, reaching more than 1.2 million views on the brand’s social networks in Brazil and more of 1.5 million views in Latin American networks.